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In our 1st Minitab tutorial we will first familiarize ourselves with the Minitab user interface before we get into the actual data analyses, and experience how we can import, export and securely save Minitab file types. Once we have familiarized ourselves with the interface areas such as navigation, output and history, we will use a typical Minitab data set to see how a typical Minitab project can be structured. We will also take a closer look at the structure of the worksheets and learn how data worksheets are structured and understand how different data types are indexed in the worksheets. We will also learn how to integrate our own comments and text notes into the worksheets.


  • Working in the navigation-, output-, and history window
  • Data import from different sources
  • Set specific default storage locations for projects
  • Indexing of data types
  • Customize surface view
  • Add comments and notes in text form
  • Save and close worksheets and projects