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In the second Minitab tutorial, we will accompany the quality management team of Smartboard Company, and experience how the scrap rate of the last financial years is analyzed step by step with the help of a time series analysis. In this Minitab tutorial we will experience how data preparation and analysis is carried out by using the example of time series plots and get to know the different types of time series charts. We will learn about the useful timestamp function, and how to extract subsets from a worksheet. With the so-called useful brush function, we will know how to specifically analyze individual data clusters in the edit mode of a graph. The useful calendar function, will also be covered as part of our data preparation. We will also understand, what so-called identification variables are, and what benefits they have for our data analysis. We will see for example, how we can export our analysis results to PowerPoint or Word for team meetings with little effort.

MAIN TOPICS Minitab Tutorial 02

  • Time series plot, fundamentals
  • Row and column capacity of Minitab worksheets
  • Interpret import preview window
  • Update file names
  • Extract dates
  • Design and structure of time series plots
  • Working with the timestamp
  • Extracting data
  • Form subset of worksheets
  • Extract weekdays from dates
  • Highlighting data points in the edit mode of a graphic
  • Examination of data clusters using the brush function
  • Defining identification variables
  • Export of Minitab analysis results to MS Office applications